In the middle of every month my son starts wanting to check the mailbox.  I love that he's getting excited over something natural for a change.

Inspired by my Daughter to bring Crystals to Kids Everywhere

I have a very grown up crystal shop.  And, because I have a young child and I know what it is like to be in a place where you have to watch their little hands, I always wanted (and made) my store to be a place where it is okay to touch, for everyone.  (My only request is that they not be allowed to eat the rocks and I rely on Mom and Dad for that.)  Through allowing touch I was able to connect with the fascination and connection that most kids have with crystals.  And my own daughter started collecting.  ("Mommy, can I have this?" over and over again. How could I ever say no?)  So I got her a box to keep them in, we decorated it and thus The Mineral of the Month Club was born.  Thank You, Phoenix Rose!  You always inspire me.

~Veronica "Vero" Bero, Owner of The Bodhi Tree Crystal Shop

-Sherry M.  Mineral of the Month Club Member Mom
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